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Group Business Excellence

Total Quality Management (TQM) is one of the group level activities of Spark Minda, Ashok Minda Group. The TQM initiatives are driven by Group Business Excellence Department. The Daily Work Management (DWM) processes of TQM have been mapped and they are briefly described below:

Minda Business Excellence Model (MBEM):

  • Subject: Promote world class business & organizational processes in the group as per MBEM roadmap
  • Process: Develop, prescribe, upgrade and monitor MBEM model to take the group moving along in a strategic direction towards attainment of futuristic business vision through identification and emphasis of required business and organizational processes
  • Current status: After studying the prevailing business excellence models, a suitable model has been identified for adoption. We are in the process of bringing out the MBEM model along-with its criteria.

Development of skill / competence of focused group:

  • Process: Develop skill, competence and knowledge for focused group of people in Unit/ BG / Corp. Keeping in view futuristic business needs to sustain and improve critical business and organizational processes through exploiting opportunities and resolution of problems/issues by giving exposure on contemporary and futuristic techniques and practices.

Project Group Image and Recognizing Best-in-Class Performance:

  • Process: Promote Total Employee Involvement (TEI through Quality Circles, Small Group Activities & Kaizen)

Knowledge Management System (KMS):

  • Process: Capture, maintain, enhance and disseminate knowledge acquired by group and also from outside related to all current and futuristic business and organizational processes to overcome problems / issues and also to meet futuristic business objectives. Maintenance and dissemination of knowledge is done through TQM Intranet.

Corporate Quality Assurance (CQA):

  • Process: Develop and standardize group level systems and guidelines for technical & commercial areas, excluding Finance & Accounts. Also, assess adherence to these systems and guidelines across the group.